Don’t forget to comment. You can tell me all the stuff you like about my blog, and you can give me constructive criticism and what I can add.

If there’s a petite celebrity you like that you want to see on here or if there’s a certain outfit you want me to post. Just tell me, I’ll do it!

And please comment and/or subscribe!!



24 Responses to “Comment Please!”

  1. nomy24 Says:

    Hi i just discovered your blog i love it!!!
    thanks 🙂

  2. jadexxx Says:

    hey i’ve only just found your blog it’s wicked! btw
    how tall is frankie sandford 5’2 or 5’3?

  3. youngfashionista Says:

    hey i love your blog, but what is vanessa hudgens’ height? just wanna’ know 🙂


  4. nomy24 Says:

    hi i fund this page and i think could help you with your blog 🙂


  5. rachel Says:

    love your blog! usually odnt comment, but you deserve props! keep it coming!

  6. Cynthia Says:

    This website is awesome! Thanks for making it! I am almost 15 and only 5’2 so I can deffs relate! Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Alyssa Says:

    Great website!

    Just one thing, Olivia Palermo isn’t 5’4, she is more like 5’2, she is quite petite, but her incredibly skinny body makes her look rather lean and tall.

    And isn’t 5’4 considered the average female height

  8. Maab Says:

    Sorry i´m so far. I am making a pair of sandals just like by me… but i lived in Colombia. I promises send you a pic…Thanks for show us the sandals..I love them too.(please excuse my english i´m just learning)

  9. Mal Says:

    I really enjoy all the outfits that you post.
    But all the commentary/thoughts you post are really stupid. You basically say, “I like this, I like that, I really like this, I would never wear that…” over and over and over. It’s really really boring and I’ve found I stopped even glancing at any of the text you write. Just an opinion, you wrote in the thing above that you didn’t mind constructive criticism.

    • tmi181 Says:

      Thanks for the criticism.
      I know where you’re coming from, but really don’t know what else to write! So I just write like Ooh I love this or that. I don’t know I’ll try to switch it up & write something new.

    • Brittany Lynwood Says:

      Mal, “stupid” isn’t the right word. When someone has something to say, it’s never stupid. Where’s YOUR blog? I don’t see you doing ANYTHING so don’t be rude to people who are actually doing shit okay? There is nothing wrong with sharing your opinion, but do it in a respectable way. Your criticism may have been coming from the right place, but you need to watch your word choice. A negative word like “stupid” could make something that was supposed to be constructive turn into an insult. Because of YOU she doesn’t want to even comment anymore. When you have a blog that gets as many views as this one, then you can start talking for real. Until then, shut the fuck up unless you have something POSITIVE to say.

      And tmi181, you don’t need to listen to people like this. Your blog is great and even if your commentary isn’t so exciting, it’s your personal opinion so it ISN’T stupid. A KIND word of advice, don’t comment on every single look. Only comment on looks that are worthy of discussion 🙂 And definitely switch up the commentary so little girls like Miss Mal over here don’t give you an attitude. Keep up the GREAT work, there are people like me who visit everyday and have no problem with what you are writing.

      • tmi181 Says:

        Thank you so, so, so much, Ms. Lynwood!
        There are like tears in my eyes! This has to be the nicest thing ANYONE has ever said! Thank you for defending me even though you don’t even know me (: I will definitely take YOUR advice!

  10. Andy Says:

    You should post some of shakira! shes about 5’2 and amazing

  11. nomy24 Says:

    kristen bell is 5’1!!

  12. beth Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say what a great job that your doing, I cannot believe that your only 16. Thats great!!! Keep it up, its all very inspiring. thanks!

  13. beth Says:

    Oh yeah, Im 5’4.

  14. beth Says:

    Hey, Check out What I Wore for blog inspiration. No relation to me, I just like it, its on my favorites list(along with yours!)Beth

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