One day I was looking for some outfits from petite celebrities so I typed: petite celebrity styles, petite celebrity fashion, and petite celebrities in to Google and nothing helpful came up. I was looking for a simple website with different outfits from different celebrities with similar looks that were more affordable. Since I couldn’t find one it hit me: why don’t I just start one myself? So after researching various blogging websites I picked wordpress, started my blog and here I am, over 16,000 blog views later! This blog is simply about petite celebrity styles ideally for petite girls, but also for average height and tall girls too, so really just for every fashionista! I hope you get some good style ideas from my blog and I hope you get inspired to try some new things with your wardrobe! I try to post inexpensive things, which isn’t hard since I’m a serious bargain hunter. I hope you like me blog!!

Please comment on anything you like or dislike!!


2 Responses to “What This Blog is About”

  1. kellie Says:

    I absolutely love this blog. It has helped me sooo much. Some days if I do not know what to wear, I go on your blog and find some great ideas. Thank you

  2. LC Says:

    Just found this website today and I love it. Bookmarked it so I can check it everyday 🙂

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